About us & Comics schedule

We are a group of writers and artists who want to share our creations with you!  We update our comics throughout the week, so keep coming back for your favorite Repercussion Comics title(s)!



Kwiddex Protocol

written by Jason DeGroot, art by Marc Haines and Pedro Laboy, letters by Marc Haines



Small Press Adventures

by talented artists and writers from all over the small press



written by Jason DeGroot, art by Dann Phillips/James Newell/Pedro Laboy/Marc Haines

letters by Alan Evans/Marc Haines

Gargoyle Park

written by Jason DeGroot, art by Craig Wolden, letters by Marc Haines

  1. distracti0n says:

    Hey, I read some of your comic and wanted to say how much I appreciate the good writing. I’m in the script stage of a comicbook as well, and I can’t stress how much I want the writing to be as good as the art.

  2. Rob Allbee says:

    Hey Jason,

    Not sure if you are the same one, but I’m hoping so. If you remember we met in Colorado a very, very long time ago, created quite a few characters ect. Happy to see that you are still up to the writing. I still do alot of drawing, comic and otherwise, nothing as cool as what you have going on here, this is awesome, the story I read was really good, keep it up. If you ever need a penciler let me know 🙂 Either way we should touch base. Send me an email sometime.

    Ankeny, IA

  3. Pedro Laboy says:

    Hey, Jason, It’s me- Pedro (phillypedro@live.com). Checked out your site and truly like what I,ve seen so far. Look forward to working with you.

  4. Ivan says:

    Hey Guys,
    This may be from way out of left field, but whatever happened to the “Doe, Jane” mini-series? I have #1 and #2, and recently found the Marc Haines variant cover of #1 at a local comic shop (Cup O’ Kryptonite in Des Moines, Iowa). Did issues #3 and #4 ever get printed, and if so, can I buy copies of them from you? Thanks!
    -Ivan Martin

    • Starstorm says:

      Hey, Ivan, thanks for being a fan! I know Marc and Nic Carcieri were working on issue 3 and 4, but I’m not sure what the status is on those. I’ve got an email out to Marc and I’ll let you know.

  5. Following is a psychological test for cartoon artists. If you wince, you are sane. If you laugh, you are sane. If you dance, you need to see your physician about dosing up on your meds.


  6. nata551a says:

    I have SO many friends that will love this blog… sharing! 🙂

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