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Dex Corrigan #2

Dex and Tommy battle the mysterious Monoliths as they draw closer to discovering the secret of the Anathema! And speaking of secrets, just what exactly is going on with Tommy, anyway?!?!? 28-page full-size comic with color interiors. The Kickstarter for this issue is LIVE RIGHT NOW!!!

Dex Corrigan #1

Meet Dex Corrigan and his faithful sidekick Tommy Fortune as they battle alien invaders from beyond reality in the far-flung future of 1986! 28-page full-size comic with color interiors. $10 w/shipping or $14 for both covers. Email for ordering info!

Small Press Comics Party! Spring 2023 edition

Everyone’s favorite anthology of small press goodness is back with three new adventures for all ages. Includes the first adventure of Kermit the Crab and Sparkle Butt in “Crystal Blue Persuasion!”, written by Repercussion Comics scribe Jason DeGroot! 28-page digest-size comic with b/w interiors. $5 w/shipping. Order online at the Torc Press store!