current issue: The Pyron Scourge, Chapter 2: “Mission”

Art by Dann Phillips and James Newell, letters by Marc Haines, written by Jason DeGroot


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  1. Posky says:

    The Silver Silkworm?

    That’s a pretty bad name name for a brothel. Here’s some free advice. Don’t include words like “worm” in the name of your whore house. It’s going to hurt business.

    They might has well just called it The Blue Crab, The Parasitic Mite or The Incurable Virus.

    • Starstorm says:

      Ha! Good point. I don’t know that the Silver Silkworm is one of the higher end establishments in Gorillia, but the owner probably thought having “silk” in the name classed it up a bit.

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