current issue: The Pyron Scourge, Chapter 3: “First Wave”

Pencils by Dann Phillips, inks by Pedro Laboy, letters by Marc Haines, written by Jason DeGroot


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  1. It is frickin’ ON now! And yes, I am a fanboy for battle scenes like this. However, the grim desperation of the lone flyer retreating from his island in the beginning of KREETOR really set up how ferocious the Pyrons were. I just don’t want to see that grim reality get too obscured with the epic-ness. Does that make sense?

    That’s my 2 cents, guys. You are obviously doing a lot of things right. Keep it up!

    • Starstorm says:

      Glad you’re still enjoying it 🙂 I think (hope) you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how the story progresses, because my goal with this series was to write an epic that also focused on the effects of all the violence on the individual. I’m like you, I’m a fanboy for these big battle scenes, which is basically all that Kreetor was when I first started writing it when I was a kid. I’m hoping it’s matured a little sense then, but there’s just something about a gorilla with a battleaxe 🙂

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