Kwiddex Protocol

current issue: #5: “The Buckster’s Tale, Part 2”

Sheldon survived his suicidal leap from the Chornskopf building last issue, but wherever he landed, it wasn’t downtown Satellite Falls.  This issue, Sheldon learns more about the origin of Starstorm and tries to clean up the mess he left up on the roof of the Chornskopf building, with deadly results. . .

Written by Jason DeGroot, art by Pedro Laboy, letters/tones by Marc Haines

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  1. mskatykins says:

    The art work is very cool here. 🙂

    • Starstorm says:

      Thanks, Katy (on behalf of the actual artists :)) The combination of Pedro’s artwork and Marc’s tones and letters makes for some very awesome comic book pages indeed!

      • mskatykins says:

        Absolutely! 🙂 I was checking out the other new post and was enjoying how some of the pics leak out of the panels (Do you like that technical term that I created there? 😉 ).

        • Starstorm says:

          I think that term works pretty great 🙂 Yeah, Pedro is a wiz at that, it really makes the pages look dynamic.

          • mskatykins says:

            It’s ‘bleeds’ isn’t it…? That word came to meet today on my morning walk. However, I think we should coin ‘leaking’, that’s just cool. 😉
            Pedro clearly rocks. 🙂

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