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Posted: December 30, 2012 in Awards


Here at Repercussion Comics, we like to hear that people are digging what we do, so it was pretty awesome when one of our regular readers, J.E. Lattimer, nominated us for a Kreativ Blogger Award.  You’ll notice that we were nominated for this award some time ago, and for that, I take full responsibility for not updating this sooner.  But hey, we got it done before the end of the year, right?  So here are the rules:

1]  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog–


It would behoove you to check out the site, the artwork there is pretty bad-ass.

2]  List seven random things about yourself–

Let’s make these comics-related, shall we?

1)  I sleep with a stuffed Spider-man pillow pal.

2)  The comics that most inspired me to start writing my own comic book stories was the “Marvels” series by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross.

3)  I have never met our artist extraordinaire Pedro Laboy in person.

4)  During Christmas this year, I got to hold a copy of “The Amazing Spider-man” #1 in my hands.

5)  “The Kwiddex Protocol” series was originally supposed to be 5 separate ongoing series including the following titles:  “The Buckster”, “Alley Cat”, “The Adaptives”, “Night Hawkk”, and “Gate Crashers”.

6) I’m a Marvel.

7)  My favorite creation is Gore from “Kreetor”.

3]  Nominate ten other blogs–

1)  The Man Of Many Shades

2)  AnnySeed

3)  Shamus Stone

4)  Tease Time

5)  Stripped Comics

6)  Chu -N- Tost

7)  Spineless Wonders

8)  Dann’s Soapbox

9)  Shackled and Crowned

10)  beforeiforget

4]  Notify the ten nominees


5]  Put the award logo on your blog.

A big thanks to J.E. for the nomination and a big thanks to all of the rest of you for continuing to check out our comic book adventures, we really appreciate it!

  1. mskatykins says:

    Thanks very, very much for this fantastic accolade! 🙂

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