The Deadroot Murder House, part 2

Posted: December 8, 2021 in Deadroot Murder House, Gargoyle Park, Monorrow Case Files

July 19 – For laughs I went to Amancia’s arraignment.  Murder in the first.  Still don’t see how they’re going to get a conviction, but maybe the detectives know something I don’t.  That would be new.  But the DA seems to have a mad-on for a conviction.  She pled not guilty but they saddled her with Shorely as public defender and Judge Dune is assigned to the trial so…

Didn’t even give her bail. Doubt she’d have been able to afford it anyway, but they’re arguing she’s a flight risk because she’s originally from Trinidad (guess I was wrong about Jamaica).  Seems a stretch.  She’s got a big family.  Husband, two daughters and a son, plus what looked to be all of Trinidad were there to support her.  All of them had the same look of shock that Amancia’s got.  I don’t blame them.  Something feels really off about this whole thing.

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