Posted: June 4, 2012 in Repercussion Comics

Any artists out there who’d be interested in working on something like this?

Mixed Tape Masterpiece

So I’ve been kicking this idea around for a few months now, and I really started thinking about it after yesterday’s post,  and so I thought I’d throw this out to the world and see if there are any takers.   When I’m not working or writing about music that I recorded off the radio 20 years ago, I write comic book stories, and I had this idea of doing a webcomic of short stories inspired by the music I’ve been featuring here.  Seemed like a fun experiment to have a soundtrack for a comic book story and I could play around with different writing styles and visuals.  SO. . .if there are any artists out there who’d like to collaborate on some stories for fun, let me know, or if you know of someone who’d get a kick out of drawing a comic book inspired by Hall and…

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